Secure payment

Visa / MasterCard / PayPal credit cards

To pay with a credit card or a rechargeable casrta, you will be redirected on the portal of the issuer of the service, or that of Nexi spa, where it will be necessary to enter your card data in the encrypted payment form, the sending of such data takes place via SSL protocol which is the standard encrypted protocol, the merchant can never see the coordinates of your credit card.

Bank transfer

the payment by bank transfer is safe and using the coordinates that we will provide, the money will arrive at our destination after 1 or 2 working days. Otherwise, if you have made a mistake, the money will automatically return to your account, so to avoid this failure, you must be careful not to miss the digits of the codes and not even the name of the bank. For this purpose, it would be good to copy and paste the data that we will provide you with via email

Cash on delivery

in cash on delivery, you will pay your order directly to the courier driver on delivery in cash or ebentually credit or debit card.