Withdrawal conditions

We intend to respect the laws in force on trade, but there are also moral and polite laws. Here we are not on Zalando, I am a small trader who works best and honestly to satisfy your requests, but I cannot afford to work empty, so it will be good to clarify some aspects immediately. Whoever makes an order is understood to be an adult, independent and fully aware of my mental faculties and actions.

We accept the cancellation of orders if notified in advance by email, whatsup or telephone within 24 hours of receiving them. Orders paid by paypal or credit card will therefore be refunded immediately. For orders with unpaid bank transfer and cash on delivery not sent, we just need to receive your prompt notice.

Orders already shipped will not be canceled in any way, but at the limit, we can adjust for a change of goods between common sense people.

Orders already paid by bank transfer will not be canceled or refunded, but will be executed normally, needless to protest. Cash on delivery orders sent, can no longer be recalled, if you would like to cancel a cash on delivery order already sent, just refuse the delivery, but if you are a good and honest person, you will send us a refund of € 25 for the losses incurred , without considering empty work and the risk for lost or damaged goods.

So think carefully about what you do and want, do not play with the work of others, be serious and honorable as the ideas and men you think you represent or have as a model. Thanks.

Return conditions

The return is possible according to the laws of commerce in force, however, for the reasons set out above, we accept the return only for justified reason, that is, for damaged goods, for goods other than the ordered one (our error), for any and proven defects of the goods not found during the sending phase.

No second thoughts of any kind will be accepted for alleged personal or family problems, please think about it first; for misunderstandings or misunderstandings due to your carelessness (a typical one is, "I thought the objects were original"); for unjustified fears of alleged checks or violations of the law of your country; for personal and subjective opinions on the objects received.

Method of contestation

Before starting a dispute, please check very carefully, inside the envelope, box or packaging, to verify that there are all the objects ordered, sometimes things are there but they are not seen.

The admissible disputes are those for damaged goods or goods other than those ordered, but before writing a contest email, photograph the material received and attach the images to the contest email, not many words are needed, but the images are essential to accept the contestation. In the event of an accepted dispute, we will immediately re-send with all the necessary replacements.

Dispute for alleged missing material:

the orders shipped are carefully checked by us with our 15 years of experience, so it is very rare that there are errors, moreover we have the only interest in working with you for as long as possible and therefore, we are very serious and honest. In the rare case of partial execution of your order for exhaustion of goods, we keep note of orders partially processed and we will notify you by email, then we will send you the rest in the short term with a second free shipping, or you can get other alternative items, otherwise you will have the equivalent refund.

Acceptance of delivery

When the courier will come to you to deliver the goods. make sure the package is intact, i.e. it has not been stolen or accidentally opened. In this case, take a photo of the package and accept the delivery with reserve, it is your right. Or, refuse the delivery and let it go back as well, after you email us the image you took. We will immediately prepare a new shipment for you. Otherwise, if you accept a package whose packaging has already been opened in some way, your dispute will be rejected as in this case the responsibility for any deficiencies will be at your expense.